• Lischo-Bernd-SSP146
  • Lischo-Sabine-SSP147
  • Mehlig Markus SSP 3
  • Akin Caydas SBK 41 panigale
  • Lupo-Morganti-SSP69
  • Nadine Steger SSP 889
  • ferri-head
  • ivan hrzenjak SSP 111
  • niggia-SBK72
  • siegfried ertl SBK240
  • ulrik koellerup SSP74
  • fabio bergaglio SSP721
  • Simona camerlenghi ssp125
  • Andrea Zarbo SBK 137
  • Grega Zust SBK 98
  • Robert Frankl SBK 779
  • Kremer Stefan-SBK96-CH-Laguna Seca
  • Fumagalli Bruno-SSP56 
  • Marco-Casnici-SSP008
  • andrea-muraca
  • BobilovSBK26
  • Gallo-Jr
  • gallo-luciano-ssp
  • Joe-Capuano-SBK68
  • gonella
  • locanetto-riccardo
  • Matthias-Schmidt-SBK74-CH-Schmidis-Racing Team
  • maestri-enrico
  • OchsenhoferFranz
  • Porkhun-SBK12
  • maffei-mauro
  • mauro-schivalocchi
  • Zhmak-ssp-77
  • walter carollo-SSP32-IT-dany-racing team
  • Tachlinski-Stefan-SBK37-DE-Highsidetours-racing-Team
  • Sangiorgi Giampaolo
  • Soehlmann-Markus-SBK209-DE-Highsidetours-racing-Team
  • rossi-ale
  • RodlerErnst
  • riva-raimondo
  • Raphael-Schmidt-SBK75
  • marco trevisan-SSP16-IT-dany-racing team
  • manuel marchioro-SSp43-IT-dany-racing team
  • mistode
  • Schubert Sebastian
  • marc meidinger-SBK83-CH- CH-Racing
  • Juergen Pahlke-Engels-SBK94-CH-Laguna Seca
  • trifola
  • Beni-Geiser-SBK21
  • cazacu-catalin-SSP-2009
  • Boni Marco-SSP1-2010
  • Dave-Schmidt-SBK080-Schmidis
  • Fabio-Pironi-SBK56
  • garbaruk-valery-sbk-76-ua
  • Gnochi-SBK148
  • Guristrimba-ssp-33-ua
  • mantia-SSP2006
  • MRD-21
  • ravera-SSP20
  • Pavani-SBK95
  • Kaplun-SBK112
  • christian-fritz-SBK69
  • Korolyov-sbk-55


EMC 2018 logo sm


20.06.18   Just updated the Standings... !

Please forgive me..I had forgotten to update them...

EMC-2  in 2018 !

...just back from a beautiful event in PANNONIA !!!

Aslo the second Event came to a conclusion... BEAUTIFUL week end in Hungary.     

PANNONIA was the second race track EMC-2 event of the ACTIONBIKE 2018 calendar.  This time we had all team present for the battle to come first to the finish      
Everyone was supercharged from the fun and exhilarant racing done in the GP races of the week end...and were waiting for the Endurance race to give also their best. 

As expected... surprise !!!  This time the Racing Team Kitzbichler succeded in finishing the race in front of one of their strongest rival "Neumann racing 1".

With these 25 points the Racing Team Kitzbichler is now in the lead followed, not too far back, from the Neumann Racing 1.

Team "Hundsgemeins" were not present in the previous race in Rijeka, and here they showed how strong they are by coming to the end  of the race in 4th place for EMC-2 and in 5th place overall.

Our Lady's "Team "Moto1.8" had also a good surprise for us.  This time they finished a good 4 positions in front of the "Neumann Racing 2", which in the last event was in front of them. 

"Team Moto1.8" finished 9th for EMC-2 and 24th overall, while the "Neumann Racing 2" came in in 10th position for EMC-2 and 28th overall.


In a race started with 40 Teams, our EMC-2 Teams did very well and showed how strong they are.

BRAVI !!  and THANKS for the beautiful racing !!! 


We wait for you in our next EMC-2 event in CREMONA !! our 3rd event for 2018.




 Here you download the  EMC-2 -2018-rules.pdf

Hier die Team Anmeldung Formular  Team--formular-EMC2-2018.pdf

Here you download the  Team--form-EMC2-2018.pdf 


These the Cups for the awards at the end of the season ( to the 10th place ! )

End of Season Cups

EMC logo einstein

   See you soon on the track.........  Salutoni Fabio


   EMC 2-015 
Motorcycle Cup

MOST 31 / 07 - 01,02 / 08

Another beautiful event in Czech Republic. 
Our fourth event of the 2014 Championship
EMC2-014 European Motorcycle Cup.




   READ the article ->

uropean Riders Cup

....later to be the

European Motorcycle Cup 2014

  That's how the ERC started...


  Summary of a dream.

   READ the article ->



In memory and honor of a dear friend and unbelivable Ungherian rider
Agoston Rosival
we started this year (2013) a Trophy which will take place every year in September.
This season the Trophy took part in Brno during the final event of the ERC Championship 2013.





Ciao AGO.... R.I.P.
( you will be always with us )