• Lischo-Bernd-SSP146
  • Lischo-Sabine-SSP147
  • Mehlig Markus SSP 3
  • Akin Caydas SBK 41 panigale
  • Lupo-Morganti-SSP69
  • Nadine Steger SSP 889
  • ferri-head
  • ivan hrzenjak SSP 111
  • niggia-SBK72
  • siegfried ertl SBK240
  • ulrik koellerup SSP74
  • fabio bergaglio SSP721
  • Simona camerlenghi ssp125
  • Andrea Zarbo SBK 137
  • Grega Zust SBK 98
  • Robert Frankl SBK 779
  • Kremer Stefan-SBK96-CH-Laguna Seca
  • Fumagalli Bruno-SSP56 
  • Marco-Casnici-SSP008
  • andrea-muraca
  • BobilovSBK26
  • Gallo-Jr
  • gallo-luciano-ssp
  • Joe-Capuano-SBK68
  • gonella
  • locanetto-riccardo
  • Matthias-Schmidt-SBK74-CH-Schmidis-Racing Team
  • maestri-enrico
  • OchsenhoferFranz
  • Porkhun-SBK12
  • maffei-mauro
  • mauro-schivalocchi
  • Zhmak-ssp-77
  • walter carollo-SSP32-IT-dany-racing team
  • Tachlinski-Stefan-SBK37-DE-Highsidetours-racing-Team
  • Sangiorgi Giampaolo
  • Soehlmann-Markus-SBK209-DE-Highsidetours-racing-Team
  • rossi-ale
  • RodlerErnst
  • riva-raimondo
  • Raphael-Schmidt-SBK75
  • marco trevisan-SSP16-IT-dany-racing team
  • manuel marchioro-SSp43-IT-dany-racing team
  • mistode
  • Schubert Sebastian
  • marc meidinger-SBK83-CH- CH-Racing
  • Juergen Pahlke-Engels-SBK94-CH-Laguna Seca
  • trifola
  • Beni-Geiser-SBK21
  • cazacu-catalin-SSP-2009
  • Boni Marco-SSP1-2010
  • Dave-Schmidt-SBK080-Schmidis
  • Fabio-Pironi-SBK56
  • garbaruk-valery-sbk-76-ua
  • Gnochi-SBK148
  • Guristrimba-ssp-33-ua
  • mantia-SSP2006
  • MRD-21
  • ravera-SSP20
  • Pavani-SBK95
  • Kaplun-SBK112
  • christian-fritz-SBK69
  • Korolyov-sbk-55

May 18-(19)-20.....Pannoniaring




This is the second event of the  EMC2 017 European Motorcycle Cup  CHAMPIONSHIP


Like in every event we will have Open Practice with groups riding in sessions of  20 minutes and also GP races in the different classes  and an ENDURANCE race.


At first we assign the riders in the group they specify at registration ( or if we know them, we place them in the group we think most appropriate for their experience)   During the Lunch Break of Friday ( and Saturday if necessary) we will print a list with laptimes which we will use to reorganize the groups..

NOTE : during the Lunch Break, riders are expected to come to the Registration to pick up the new "colored" group-sticker which should be placed over the first white sticker received at registration.   The "Colored" group-sticker is necessary to enter the track for the rest of the event.  Without the "colored" group-stricker you are NOT allowed on the track !!


A1 = rider with License and/or very fasssssssssssst
A2 = rider with License and/or very fast
B = experts
C = novice and/or with instructor

FRIDAYI : Open Practice session with Groups. ( every turn is a qualifying session for all races ) At the end of the afternoon we will have GP races.  SSP , SBK

SATURDAY : Open Practice session with Groups. ( every turn is a qualifying session for all races )
In the last two hours of the afternoon we will have an ENDURANCE. race. ( 2 hrs. )

SUNDAY : Open Practice session with Groups. ( the first 4 turns are qualifying session for all races )
Before the Lunch Beak we will have GP races.  SSP , SBK e LADY
After the Lunch Break we have the GP race of the Rookies ( riders which did not qualify for the other GP races). Right after we have the Awards Cerimony.
The rest of the Sunday afternoon will continue to have Open Practice Sessions with Groups.   In case of not too many riders present, we will have open practice without the Groups (open track), BE CAREFUL , be aware that there will be riders with different experience running together!!  Respect each other.



Start Event: 18-05-2018 ; 08:30
End Event: 20-05-2018 ; 17:00
Available place 90
Cut off date 20-05-2018
Price 420.00€
Box Box : ask for price
Location Pannoniaring

   EMC 2-015 
Motorcycle Cup

MOST 31 / 07 - 01,02 / 08

Another beautiful event in Czech Republic. 
Our fourth event of the 2014 Championship
EMC2-014 European Motorcycle Cup.




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uropean Riders Cup

....later to be the

European Motorcycle Cup 2014

  That's how the ERC started...


  Summary of a dream.

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In memory and honor of a dear friend and unbelivable Ungherian rider
Agoston Rosival
we started this year (2013) a Trophy which will take place every year in September.
This season the Trophy took part in Brno during the final event of the ERC Championship 2013.





Ciao AGO.... R.I.P.
( you will be always with us )