• Lischo-Bernd-SSP146
  • Lischo-Sabine-SSP147
  • Mehlig Markus SSP 3
  • Akin Caydas SBK 41 panigale
  • Lupo-Morganti-SSP69
  • Nadine Steger SSP 889
  • ferri-head
  • ivan hrzenjak SSP 111
  • niggia-SBK72
  • siegfried ertl SBK240
  • ulrik koellerup SSP74
  • fabio bergaglio SSP721
  • Simona camerlenghi ssp125
  • Andrea Zarbo SBK 137
  • Grega Zust SBK 98
  • Robert Frankl SBK 779
  • Kremer Stefan-SBK96-CH-Laguna Seca
  • Fumagalli Bruno-SSP56 
  • Marco-Casnici-SSP008
  • andrea-muraca
  • BobilovSBK26
  • Gallo-Jr
  • gallo-luciano-ssp
  • Joe-Capuano-SBK68
  • gonella
  • locanetto-riccardo
  • Matthias-Schmidt-SBK74-CH-Schmidis-Racing Team
  • maestri-enrico
  • OchsenhoferFranz
  • Porkhun-SBK12
  • maffei-mauro
  • mauro-schivalocchi
  • Zhmak-ssp-77
  • walter carollo-SSP32-IT-dany-racing team
  • Tachlinski-Stefan-SBK37-DE-Highsidetours-racing-Team
  • Sangiorgi Giampaolo
  • Soehlmann-Markus-SBK209-DE-Highsidetours-racing-Team
  • rossi-ale
  • RodlerErnst
  • riva-raimondo
  • Raphael-Schmidt-SBK75
  • marco trevisan-SSP16-IT-dany-racing team
  • manuel marchioro-SSp43-IT-dany-racing team
  • mistode
  • Schubert Sebastian
  • marc meidinger-SBK83-CH- CH-Racing
  • Juergen Pahlke-Engels-SBK94-CH-Laguna Seca
  • trifola
  • Beni-Geiser-SBK21
  • cazacu-catalin-SSP-2009
  • Boni Marco-SSP1-2010
  • Dave-Schmidt-SBK080-Schmidis
  • Fabio-Pironi-SBK56
  • garbaruk-valery-sbk-76-ua
  • Gnochi-SBK148
  • Guristrimba-ssp-33-ua
  • mantia-SSP2006
  • MRD-21
  • ravera-SSP20
  • Pavani-SBK95
  • Kaplun-SBK112
  • christian-fritz-SBK69
  • Korolyov-sbk-55

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MOST 31 / 07 - 01,02 / 08


Another beautiful event in Czech Republic.  Our fourth event of the 2014 Championship
EMC2-014 European Motorcycle Cup.

We had 3 beautiful sunny days on the track of MOST.  Well... almost 3 full days of sun as during the night between Saturday and Sunday we had a real storm which carried thru the early morning.  Unfortunately on sunday the SBK-1 race was interrupted because of the last drizzle of rain and race control decided that it was too dangerous to continue to race.  However all other races of the day were carried out normally and gave us a lot of fun. 

Once again the Flying Dan ( aka Michael Barth Danish rider ) with is incredible time ( 1:42.969 ) was unreachable in the SSP.  Definetely Michael had an easy and maybe boring season as far as challange goes, in fact as this is a transition year for our Championship, not too many riders registered in the 600 class.  However, it is obvious that even with a greater number of competitors registered in  SSP, for sure Michael would have been way ahead as he is definetely an amazing rider.  Consider that with his 600 he was able to clock laps only few second behind the laptime done from riders in the 1000 class.   The fastest lap of the first classified in the 1000 (Marc Neumann) was 1:40.004 (only 2 seconds difference), and Marc is competing in the German IDM.   Bravo Michael !!

BIG surprise in the
ENDURANCE race. The Italian Team POWER this week end came out of the closet  surprise.  They showed us who they really are, finishing the race in 3rd position ( with 45 Teams starting ! ).  Outstanding result because this was the first time they have seen the track in Most.   Their rival Intall-1 Team ( currently on top of the standings for the 2014 EMC2-014 Championship), unfortunately crashed on the first turn and although they were able to continue the race, they only finished in 28th position.  The second Tirolean team Inntall-2 Team was not too far behind the Team POWER, and they grabbed the 11th position. 

We have now a very exciting situation for the final event in BRNO at the end of August.  In fact while the Inntal-1 Team is the undiscussed winner of the

EMC2-014 ENDURANCE Championship, but we see the italian Team POWER and the tirolean Inntal-2 Team  both with 73 points.  So, anything can happen in BRNOFor sure both Teams are as anxsious, as we are, to get to the starting grid and can't wait to see the Czech flag wave in the air...and start the final duel for the season.  All eyes will be on these 2 Teams ! FORZA RAGAZZI..



BRNO (28,29,30 Aug.) will be the last race event for the 2014 EMC2-014 Championship.

NOTE : We will have more events with
ActionBike in September and October, but as we will be on tracks where we are not allowed to have races starting with a starting grid, we decided that for this season we would stop in BRNO.

This will be the proverbial "Dulcis in fundo"  (the sweet at the end)
.  In fact not only we will have a great battle in the ENDURANCE, but we will see some good racing also in the SSP and SBK
.    We will have some special guests joining us during this week-end.   Christian Napoli, he had the 2nd place in the SBK 2012, and this year running with a Kawasaky 600, will be on the starting grid next to the Flying Dan.  Finally Michael will have some real fun and will have to sweat to get to the top of the podium.   The second of the Napoli brothers, Federico,  will be instead in the SBK class and will make life miserable to all our 2014 SBK Heroes.  In fact given this new unknown variable ( Federico) and of course the "always breaking BMW" of Cristian Made', we are not able to make any kind of forecast on who is going to finish in which position in the SBK class.
Both classes will show exciting racing .  This Final EMC 2-014 in Brno will be a real fun and exciting week-end.


See you all soon in Czech Republic !!! applauso

 BRNO (28,29,30 Aug.)


   EMC 2-015 
Motorcycle Cup

MOST 31 / 07 - 01,02 / 08

Another beautiful event in Czech Republic. 
Our fourth event of the 2014 Championship
EMC2-014 European Motorcycle Cup.




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uropean Riders Cup

....later to be the

European Motorcycle Cup 2014

  That's how the ERC started...


  Summary of a dream.

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In memory and honor of a dear friend and unbelivable Ungherian rider
Agoston Rosival
we started this year (2013) a Trophy which will take place every year in September.
This season the Trophy took part in Brno during the final event of the ERC Championship 2013.





Ciao AGO.... R.I.P.
( you will be always with us )